Seven reasons why you're a rookie when Hiring A Car Accident Attorney

Dec 10, 2016  
Car Accident Attorney

When he made it to the side of the SUV where Hayes and Smith had been standing, he saw a passenger who had been riding in Hayes' vehicle, Kevin O'Neal, holding a silver handgun and pointing it in the air. It was then that McGaw recounted what Hayes had told him: "You have a gun, I'm going to get my gun," McGaw recalled Hayes saying. The prosecution played a 911 call that McGaw placed during the argument. In it, Hayes and O'Neal could be heard during the recording. Prosecutors also asked McGaw to testify about medical assistance he tried to perform at the scene, which involved feeling for a pulse on Smith's neck but only feeling a "flutter." The flutter, McGaw said, indicated that Smith's "heart is actually shutting down." McGaw, a former EMT, also checked Smith's wife Raquel, who was shot twice in the legs. He determined her injuries were not life-threatening, he said. Fuller also spent time questioning McGaw during cross examination asking McGaw to describe what onlookers were doing with their phones at the scene. McGaw said it appeared that people on both sides of the street were standing with their phones out. During earlier testimony on Tuesday, Fuller quizzed a homicide detective investigating the shooting on why onlookers' video wasn't preserved as evidence. The videos later appeared in the media. Also testifying on Wednesday was Stephen Cacioppo, who watched the confrontation unfold from his Lower Garden District apartment.

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