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Apr 08, 2018  
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attorney Steven Donziger, who has advised the Amazon communities since the case began in 1993, they were sued by Chevron in the “racketeering” (or RICO) case in New York in 2011 for $60 billion before the company dropped all damages claims on the eve of trial to avoid a jury of impartial fact finders. (See here for a summary of Chevron’s fraud in its RICO case.) Camacho, who earns about $200 monthly farming mostly corn and cacao on a small plot of land near Chevron’s former Sacha oil field, said he had no plans to pay the company nor comply with Kaplan’s orders. The Ecuadorians – represented by their non-profit coalition Front for the Defense of the Amazon (FDA) -- have generated significant momentum by winning three consecutive unanimous appellate decisions in Canada, where they are enforcing their judgment against Chevron’s substantial assets in the country. (See here for details.) “Chevron has destroyed much of our precious rainforest and still refuses to accept responsibility,” Camacho said. “For Chevron and an American judge to now demand that the very people who suffer from the company’s pollution should pay court costs is insulting and arrogant. Communities should not do business with Chevron because it respects neither the environment nor people. Chevron also seems to be using the costs issue to try to knock out Donziger from the case by forcing him into debt or even bankruptcy. (See here .) Donziger has been a member of the legal team for the Ecuadorians since the inception of the case, but he says Chevron’s efforts will only backfire over the long-term. “This is a bad look for a public company that lost a litigation on the merits in the forum of its choosing,” said Donziger.

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