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Apr 10, 2018  
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Speedy Plans Of Broken Down

Her husband Scott Sann helped write the new law with other members of Wausau Metro Strong, a group that formed in response to the shootings. State Rep. Pat Snyder speaks at a news conference in the Sara Quirt-Sann Memorial Courtroom, Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. Glen Moberg/WPR "I used to listen to Sara when she came home from work. I never thought that someone would act upon their words. There's an old saying, 'What comes off the lips resides in the heart,'" Sann said a news conference in the Sara Quirt-Sann memorial courtroom. Sann said he hopes Sara's Law causes people in divorce cases to think before they threaten attorneys. "A lot of us have jobs where we just go about our daily lives and maybe have a little controversy in the office," Sann said. "But to have somebody threaten you, physically or verbally or in a written letter or e-mail, you take that home with you, and you shouldn't have to." Sara's Law would make threatening family attorneys a Class H felony, punishable by six years in prison and a $10,000 fine. It is already a felony to threaten a judge, law enforcement officer or prosecutor. State Rep. Pat Snyder, R-Wausau, is sponsoring the bill in the Assembly.

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